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About Us

Scholarship Background

Anna V. Waters

The Anna V. Waters Scholarship was established to honor the memory and legacy of Anna V. Waters (1918 – 2006), who for most of her life lived, worked and raised her family in Baltimore. A nurse by profession, she consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic. She instilled this work ethic in her children, which has helped them lead productive professional lives. Ms. Waters believed in “doing for self” and was committed to education for all young people.

In 2017, we awarded $6,500 in scholarships. Since the inception of our scholarship fund, we have awarded 16 scholarships totaling $17,500. In 2018, we are awarded $10,000 in scholarships!

One of our recipients, Jaelyn Chase, sent a letter to update us on her progress at North Carolina A & T University in which she wrote, “you are a part of my village.” In her heartwarming expression of appreciation for our investment in her education, she shared “I made it on the Dean’s List!” and attached a copy of her grade report to document that fact.

Each year, recipients like Jaelyn stay in touch to update us about their hard work and demonstrate their ability to the overcome the inevitable obstacles that appear in the paths of college students. Each letter confirms that we have invested well. We invite you to join this village of support by:

  • contributing financially
  • spreading the word about this scholarship

You can invest in a scholarship for a young person today. You can also encourage high school seniors to access our scholarship application on this website or contact us for more information.

Donor Testimonials

Donor Testimonials

"Congratulations for another year of providing scholarship funds to well-deserving students. We appreciate all that you do for "average" students.

Be Blessed,


Our Mission

Guided by our resolve to financially support African American “C” students, the Anna V. Waters Scholarship invests in their postsecondary education. Our strategy is to increase the number of community members committed to investing in our scholarship members’ education and celebrating their worth.

Fern symbol

Aya is an Adinkra symbol that represents endurance and resourcefulness.

Creating Family

photo from Jazz on the Green with Cheryl Waters and two friends

Sometimes, the best outcomes happen when you least expect them. One of the special things to happen from this scholarship is the overwhelming sense of family that has been created through the Anna V. Waters Scholarship Fund.

Each student that receives the scholarship is taken "under the wing" of the organization. Even after the scholarship year, Cheryl Waters and the board make a special point of contacting the students to see how they are doing. It is wonderful to see how the students blossom in college and afterwards.

501(c)3 Status

Contributions to the scholarship fund are tax deductible.