Photo of people having fun at the Jazz on the Green event

Scholarship Events

2020 Jazz on the Green

Cheryl Waters with two friends at the Jazz on the Green celebration

June 20, 2020

At our annual village get-together, we bask in the fruits of our giving. Village members arrive, picnic chairs in hand, as ‘Tyrone and Friends’ set up to play amazing jazz. Delectable dishes are served, and when Ms. Ginny’s delicious cakes are displayed, we line up to decide which one we want to taste this year. We laugh with old friends and talk with new ones. Best of all, Jazz on the Green is an opportunity to spend time with our scholarship recipients and hear about their progression onto exciting post-secondary paths. As we fellowship with former scholarship recipients, now professionals in careers ranging from law to music, we are convinced that our investments in “C” students have been smart ones.

Join our village and be moved and inspired by the impact we make on young people’s lives!

10th Anniversary of the Anna V. Waters Scholarship

Cheryl Waters at Jazz on the Green celebration

October 24, 2020

Who knew 10 years could fly by so quickly?

After many years of talking about how someone should give scholarships to “C” students, in October 2010 friends and family came together to celebrate my 60th birthday with generous gifts to help make it happen. As a result, the Anna V. Waters Scholarship Fund was created. Since then, the fund has continued to grow and provide scholarships for “C” students. A grand style celebration in 2020 will mark our 10-year milestone!

Every year, donors, recipients and new well-wishers continue to help our village expand. On October 24, 2020, village members will jump for joy as we celebrate the scholarship fund’s growth and our recipients’ many accomplishments. Mark your calendar and plan to be with us as we celebrate 10 years of giving!